Our Bicycles

A big part of our club is the bicycles and tricycles that we have which enable everyone to experience the freedom and fun that is cycling. Below are a few of our vehicles that club members enjoy regularly.

small Pashley tricycleA small trike for people with shorter legs, kids love it!
It has a back pedal brake so it's easy to stop
Pashley fixed wheel tricycleIT's a big full sized trike with 2 20"wheel and a 26" wheel in the back and it is fixed, so when you pedal backwards you go backwards.This can help people to pedal all the way around as the back wheel will drive the pedals.
TriwayWe have a few of these. They feature 7 speed derailleur gears but best of all you can hook them up to make a train!
The KickbikeNot your typical scooter, they're from Finland and have standard size bicycle wheels pneumatic tyres and brakes. We use them to get people who haven't discovered their ability to ride a bike to feel their way into it. The perfect transitional bicycle.
Di Blasi Folding trikeThese little tricycles fold up into nice little packages for easy storage, they also feature derailleur gears and quality brakes. We have 2 generations of this product
The Velo 2A Dutch built trike used to carry wheel chairs. It's heavy but effective and comes with a 7 speed hub gear and hydraulic disk brakes so it is one amazing piece of machinery, and amazingly fun to ride!
TandemLatin for "inline". That's Gary showing it off, its an older French bike that is quite nippy! The question is, who is going to be the stoker!!!
Trice That is Ian showing off the Trice recumbent trike. Very light and sporty with quality components - and it is made in England. Everyone who rides it has a great time! Ian's father, Don has made some very spiffy adaptions for the pedals enabling Ian or whoever else rides it to easily secure their feet to the pedals. Very nice!


WHAT? Pedal Power is the cycling club for all ages with learning disabilities.

WHERE? Finsbury Park Athletics Track or Basketball Courts. Visit our map to learn more.
Thursdays at the Arsenal Stadium, see below for more details.

WHEN? Alternate Saturdays, 12:00 - 4:00 Finsbury Park
Tuesdays 10:00-1:00 Finsbury Park
Thursdays 10:30-1:30 Arsenal stadium
Please see our calendar for more details.

WHY? Because it's fun!

We are not a social enterprise company for goods & services pertaining to cycle maintenance & repair if that is what your looking for you want Pedal Power London

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