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Dina's story from her mother Hetty

Dina is Autistic, she has a lack of understanding, and no speech, all activities have been guesswork, “let’s see if she’ll like it”.

More than 6yrs ago we discovered Pedal Power, at first she sat still on the bike, or pedaled backwards, all of the trainers persevered with her until she had got the idea!

They always have the time and patience to help take everyone to the next level.  At Pedal Power in Finsbury Park, Dina gets the freedom that she loves, the safety that she needs, happiness that she and the family love, and as much independence that can be afforded for her safety.

Dina doesn’t even care about the weather, heavy rain, sun, snow, cold wind, – Dina rides  “the bikes” (her sign for Pedal Power).

She sports a happy, proud smile, and thoroughly enjoys herself.  Thank you to all the trainers and helpers, who have made Pedal Power, ‘A Happy Place’ to get exercise and fresh air.

Hetty and The Happy Cyclist herself – Dina.


Suzie helps out every other Saturday at the Finsbury Park Athletics Track come rain or shine. She is a very confident cyclist who is regularly seen flying around the track on her bike offering words of encouragement to passing friends.

You are also likely to experience her warm smile at the Pedal Power welcome desk.

This picture was taken during a Pedal Power birthday celebration at the Finsbury Park athletic track.  


Alice often attends the Pedal Power Saturday sessions with Dad who is a keen club cyclist and a treasured committee member. 

Alice can be seen here winning her race at one of the famous annual Pedal Power birthday celebrations.


Energetic Sam loves the go-karts and is very adept at steering his way at top speed around the track at Finsbury Park while his mother tries to keep up. 

Our go-karts have proved very popular with many of our members. They are fun and balance is no problem.

Wilf - it all started with a scooter

Our son, Wilf, who has significant learning difficulties and is severely autistic, learnt to ride an ordinary bike in three sessions with Pedal Power. He started with a scooter, then a bike with no saddle, which he stood on. Then a large tricycle. Then on to a bike with us running behind. Then we let go.

The atmosphere at Pedal Power was good humoured and we came as a family and all tried the bicycles. These factors, I think, allowed him to feel unpressured and crucially he chose to join in. The Eastway track was a circuit so he couldn’t get lost, he knew we’d catch him up or he’d catch his brother and we knew we had the support of others all the way round so it gave us all a freedom.

For a long time we had family cycle rides every weekend day including Christmas Day at Wilf’s insistence. My husband then started to go for longer rides and eventually started to cycle to work, on the other side of London, and is now stones lighter and much happier. Wilf has had a difficult adolescence and cycling has fallen away, however we are taking our bikes on holiday and hope to pick up his early enthusiasm again.