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Our mission statement​

  • To have fun

  • To focus on people of all ages with learning disabilities

  • To welcome families, support workers and friends of people with disabilities

  • To encourage everyone who comes to Pedal Power to improve their cycling skills

  • To build community inclusion through social events such as race days and Pedal Power birthday parties

  • To create a friendly welcoming atmosphere for hard to reach groups

  • To show empathy to all our members

  • To work with an awareness of issues of health and wellbeing that people with learning disabilities experience
  • To raise awareness of disability with positive images
  • To create a sense of belonging and ownership for members, encouraging them to take on volunteer roles
  • To help other projects for people with learning disabilities to be set up

A cycling club for all ages with learning disabilities

Special people on the move
Our Fantastic Team

Our Fantastic Team

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Frequently asked questions

Are you a qualified cycling instructor looking for regular session work or do you have experience working with adults or children with learning difficulties? We would like to hear from you.

We are always looking from enthusiastic cyclists and willing volunteers to help out at our sessions. Full training provided.

We are looking for people with have experience as trustees or committee members who can help take decisions regarding the future of the club to ensure its sustainability.